Cordless Station

Once I accumulated enough cordless tools*, I needed a centralized place to store them all (That reminds me of a classic George Carlin bit about “stuff”. The more stuff you have, the more space you need to keep it). This was a quick weekend project with a bit of scrap plywood, an idea, and not much else of a plan. I did a bit of online searching to get some ideas of form factors and inspiration and then headed into the shop to make a mess. The slots along the bottom create bays to holster the tools, the area on top holds the charger and spare batteries, and the shelf in the middle keeps frequently used accessories easily accessible. It is attached to the wall using French cleats**.

*And now a few quick thoughts when it comes to cordless tools. Pick a battery platform and stick with it. Mine is the Makita 18v LXT ecosystem. Yes, you do need both a drill and an impact. If you can afford it, spring for the brushless motors. Browse the catalog - you might find some things to plug your batteries into that you didn’t know you needed. I use my LED light all the time. My low profile impact ratchet only comes out a few times a year, but when it does it immediately pays for itself.

**Seriously, dedicate some wall space to French cleats. There’s no more versatile wall attachment system in my opinion.