Router Table

This was the first cabinetry project I ever built. I followed a set of fairly thorough plans I found for free online. The carcasse is constructed from plywood. The top consists of double laminated MDF topped with black laminate and edge banded with oak. The fence is also made from MDF. The small drawers slide on wooden rails while the bottom drawers use standard metal ball bearing drawer slides. The front access door is simple oak framed around a sheet of acrylic with a scrap piece of T-track to act as as door latch. The drawer pulls are cheap wooden knobs from the hardware store. A paddle-style on/off switch is mounted to the side for easy access. I originally used a metal router table insert plate from Rockler with no lift system. I’ve since upgraded to a Jessem router lift system (Seriously, invest in a lift system). I use a Bosch 1617 router mounted into the lift.

Router Table Build - Carcasse Construction

Router Table Build - Casters

Router Table Build - Carcasse Assembly

Router Table Build - Base

Router Table Build - Laminated Top / Small Drawer Boxes

Router Table Build - Drawer Faces

Router Table Build - Router Plate

Router Table Build - Router Plate Cut Out

Router Table Build - Bottom Drawer Faces

Router Table Build - Laminate Top

Router Table Build - Fence

Router Table Build - Back Fence