Drill Press Stand 2.0

The second incarnation of a stand for my Jet drill press.

The drill press stand came about at the same time as the sanding station. They were both born of the same set of frustrations and focus on improving shop organization and functionality. In both cases, tools were taking up otherwise valuable real estate and in a way that made them difficult or less safe to use. I also had the opportunity to consolidate storage spaces based on function. Here, I could keep everything related to drilling holes all in one place. Some of my most used bits I do still keep stocked in my cordless station to make retrievability for those items even easier.

The carcasse and drawer box construction is plywood with rabbets and dadoes. The top is double laminated and topped with black laminate (as are the drawer faces). The edge banding on the top and drawer faces are pine with plywood centers. The cabinet is mounted on casters. I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design the carcasse and exported the resulting drawing to a PDF: Drill Press Cabinet Drawing v3.